Skin Cares: Confessions of a Younique Presenter and Physician

Skincare! What I am going to say might surprise you. I recently saw my dermatologist who said, yeah R&F and skinceuticals are good product but very expensive compared to what you can get at the drugstore etc. he then recommended that for my dryness and hormonal acne, I use OTC differin gel $20 and Neutrogena hydroboost gel or cream.

Differin is a topical retinoid which is contraindicated in pregnancy/breastfeeding. Since I have three kids and am way done with that, I could do it. He also recommended I start taking a medication called spironolactone. It helps with hormonal breakouts. I did great with the differin, ok with the Neutrogena except for the strong fragrance, and horrible with the spironolactone. It gave me reflux, spotting, lightheadedness, and brain fog! 😞

It doesn’t mean you will have the same results. Many people love spironolactone! Everyone is different. Just be careful and find what works for you! With that said, if you aren’t addressing your skin issues, no makeup in the world can fix that for you. Also, make sure you are cleaning brushes and applicators regularly to avoid contaminating yourself!

Additionally, on you can look up consumer products and see what the heck is in them, and then they are rated based on safety. You may want to check your products. Many many products have ingredients that are banned in Europe. Seriously. And for good reasons. (See link to below). I like Younique because they follow EU guidelines, which are must stricter.

With that said, some of my skincare is Dermalogica because my work retails that. I have had a lot of success with their ultracalming line. As for Younique, they have great products that abide by EU guidelines which are stricter than the US. Since I had a stockpile of other great stuff, I haven’t tried all Younique as to offer. But I will tell you about the ones I have tried…

Skincare I’ve tried by Younique:

1. Royalty Rose Water Toning Spritz-soothing, refreshing, and smells amazing.

2. Younique Royalty Instant lifting serum. I can actually see and feel immediate results at the outer fold of my upper lids with this. It firms and tightens your skin and I have never tried anything like that before. It came with my presenters kit. The serum in the current kit is actually a nourishing serum and has excellent feedback as well.

I ❤️ serums. If your skin is really irritated, a nourishing serum under a moisture cream at bedtime can really do wonders.

3. Royalty Detoxifying mask-with charcoal powder and plant extracts, this is great to do once a week or so as needed. Can help with breakout and balancing. Always moisturize and baby your skin after a mask or treatment for best results.

4. Royalty Moisture Boosting Gentle Cleanser-this is very gentle and has no added fragrance etc. It has moisturizing agents like coconut oil and glycerin, so it will help remove makeup without stripping your skin 💋💙

My must try list:

Royalty Shine Cleansing Cloths: olive, jojoba, and sunflower oil blend with rosemary extract help remove makeup while toning and conditioning. Beauty cleansing cloths by Younique are awesome per my peers and I just ordered some to test.

So a great way to get a ton of Younique skincare, is to actually buy the skincare presenters kit. It’s 99$ and comes with almost the whole line. So whether you decide to become a true presenter and sell, or just “kitnap” this is hands down a great deal for skincare. I have one cream by dermalogica that retails for $92. One product from R&F that was $108.

With so many skincare options out there, just be careful because some products are harsh and can exacerbate things. I generally avoid gritty harsh mechanical exfoliators and astringents.

With Younique makeup over a good foundation, I have not had irritation and breakouts and as you can see my skin is very red and sensitive. Let me know if I can help!

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