“Kinectic” Glow

Kinectic=Kinetic+Connect+Glow=Kinectic Glow

Do the responsibilities of your life have you plugged in, sucked in, and drained?  Is burnout stifling your growth?  Do you feel a disconnect between your life and inner self, and unsure how to get back on course?  Kinectic Glow is about finding your center and radiating!  It is about how our lives interconnect.  It is about how living your fullest life empowers you and those around you.  It is about transforming your life by tapping into your creative energy/essence and changing your life from the inside out.

Blogger, Dr. Sara Creekmore, D.O., explores how intentionally claiming rights to your life story can change your perspective and outlook, no matter your worldly entanglements.

The blog will also feature Experience Enhancing reviews.  These reviews are all about finding and sharing excellent products, restaurants, and businesses that promote health and well being.

Sara is a physician/ surgeon, friend, wife, daughter, sister, and mother of five (three human, one feline, and one canine).

Kinectic Glow will inspire, amuse, and empower you on your journey.